Support videos. 

Support videos. 

Logging in, adding text, images and creating a blog 

Editing your it'seeze website 

We've put together some useful how-to videos that explain everything from logging in to your it'seeze website to changing text to replacing images as well as explanations for ecommerce management and website search engine optimisation (SEO).  
Below are the most popular videos. We hope they are useful but if you're looking for help with something else, you can see all of our help videos on the it'seeze Support Site. 

Logging in and using the it'seeze toolbar 

First things first, you will need to log in to your it'seeze website using the website editor, or for those of you who prefer the technical term - the Content Management System (also know as a CMS).  
You will need your unique user-name and password to log in. If you don't have this information, call us and we will send you this information.  
This video also gives you a quick overview of the toolbar and points out the help page, also found here: it'seeze Editing Help. 

How to add and edit Images on your it'seeze website 

In this video we show you how to add and edit images on your website. You can organise images into folders, upload new images, replace images on specific pages, and crop images.  
We would suggest using the preview button to check that your new images are lined up correctly before saving (the floppy disc icon in bottom tool bar - third one from the left) When you are happy press save.  
If you make changes to your website that you're not happy with but don't know how to change them, just send us the page link and we will review the page and amend wherever necessary.  

Using the it'seeze SEO panel 

As part of the website setup and design package we ensure that all of your websites pages have a unique page title, meta description, and the correct headings. However if you are creating a new page* yourself or want to review or change the data, you can add or edit the information using this video.  
We recommend reviewing and tweaking this information from time to time, to make sure they contain any new services or keywords and phrases that will help get your website found. You can learn more out our SEO services here. 

How to publish blog posts on your it'seeze website* 

Creating and adding blogs to your website has never been easier with our fantastic blogging solution. There are many great reasons to start blogging about your company, services, events, and news. 
As well as keeping your clients and partners up to date, a blog will also help with your SEO efforts as Google rewards websites that are frequently updated (which is easy to do with a blog) with higher rankings in search results. This video will help you to start blogging. 
But remember not to use copied content and make sure any images are licensed before they are added to your blog. If you would like to know more about the benefits of blogging, please contact us.  

How to Add and Edit Text  

The it'seeze website editor makes it really simple to add and edit text - this video shows you how. Text can be edited in the same way as in a word processor. It's a simple as clicking on the text to activate the cursor and then you just start typing. 
You can also format any text - by selecting it and apply bold, italic or underlining. For a step-by-step description of adding and editing text on your website, click here

How to add Tidio to your it'seeze website  

For Max and Shop clients this is a great way to interact with your clients and potential clients. You can also add the Tidio app to your mobile telephone so you won't miss an opportunity to answer questions and interact with people. 
View the short video here to learn how to setup Tidio on your it'seeze website or call it'seeze web design Colchester directly for assistance: 01206 512093 

Adding Contact Forms To Your it'seeze Website 

The it'seeze website editor makes it really simple to add contact forms to your website wherever you want. You can ask as many questions as you like as well as creating drop downs so people can select options. We have some clients who also use these forms as application forms for employment as they allow people to upload files like CV's. Check out the short video we have created for forms and if you would like further assistance please let us know. 

How to add a pay now button to your it'seeze website 

This great little option is available across the full range of website packages it'seeze provide and can be installed on any page. This button simply links to your PayPal or Worldpay account and when clients make a payment via the button your account is then updated. 
Make sure you enter the item description (this will appear on your PayPal or Worldpay account) then add the price and select the currency required. 

Setting up discounts in your it'seeze website shop 

The it'seeze webshop allows you to setup discount codes that can be used by your clients at the checkout to get a % or fixed amount off their order. 
It's a very useful tool to help drive traffic to your webshop as everyone loves a discount or special offer. 
For example just before fathers day you might setup the discount code called FATHER2020, then you might share this over social media, on your website and via a news letter to help attract visitors back to your website shop. 
* Feature only available on it'seeze Max and Shop packages 
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