Logo Design Brief. 

Logo Design Brief. 

Ready to talk logo design? 

Welcome to our logo design brief page. You've been directed here because we need a little information from you before we get started. Submitting the information below is the first step in getting the perfect logo for your business, and the better your design brief, the easier it is for our designers to hit the mark. So please provide as much information as possible. 

Your Details 

Where will your new logo be used? 

About your company  
Please tell us a little bit about your company, the services or products you provide, your customer profile and your trading area. 
Colour Preferences  
The colour pallet we use within your logo very is important because it will be replicated across your brand, from website to business cards to vehicle livery and printed material. Take a look at your competitor's websites and Google your business sector, for example, "Dentists Logos", and then click the images tab. This exercise will present 1000's examples, then save four logos or images that you like and upload them below 
Competitor Websites 
Of course, we are not going to just copy what your competitors are doing, but it would be really useful if we had a couple of links to your main competitor's websites so we can understand the marketplace when thinking about your new brand. 

Any other notes? 

Use this space to provide any other information or links that you would like to share to help us design your perfect logo. 
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