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More and more businesses are using video content on their website to reach their ideal audience, since the start of the pandemic. Whether it’s live streaming of events that are later uploaded onto YouTube, vlogs, workshops, or step-by-step instruction videos, it seems that the public can’t get enough of them. 
You just have to look at the latest statistics to see that using videos as part of your marketing can give you a good return on your investment. According to a recent survey Click here of almost 700 marketers, 60% of businesses are now using videos in their marketing, compared with 50% twelve months previously. 
Also, 61% of those interviewed regard this form of content as a “very important or extremely important” part of their marketing strategy and 68% said they’d had a better result and conversion rate from using video content than using Google Ads. 
There are different types of video content that you can use and here are some of our suggestions. 


Whichever industry you are in and whatever the size of your business, hosting a Question-and-Answer video session is a great platform to show off your expertise and educate your prospects. It gives you a guaranteed audience and an opportunity to capture the eyes and ears of those you most want to reach. It works well for new products and explaining how they work or to discuss topical issues in the news. 
This is a video log or a video diary or blog where usually a single presenter uses a webcam or phone camera to capture their own thoughts or experiences of an event, place, or product, usually in the leisure industry. They often have supporting subtitles and can be filmed in one take or several. 


Adding video testimonials or reviews to your website is a powerful way of attracting the attention of your potential customers, as these days most buyers look at reviews before making a purchase. 
You can either ask your raving fans to give their own reviews or ask them questions like what the benefits of are using your product or service, why they would recommend someone to make a purchase and what feature they liked best. Don’t forget to suggest to the person giving the testimonial that they post the video on their own social media to broaden your reach. 


This is where a presenter asks someone questions in an interview. It is recommended to invite a guest interviewee who is in the headlines for their expertise, who is popular or who is well known in your area if you are a local business. 
This is a way of raising your brands profile, improving your reputation, and aligning yourself with your influencer. 


If you are holding an exposition, concert, or workshop, posting videos in the build up to your event, or on the day of it, are good ways of selling extra tickets. It also makes great content for your social media and demonstrates your success. 
Taking your audience through step-by-step instructions in video format is an excellent way of explaining how-to-do things, as well as building your reputation as an expert in your field. 

Meet the team 

Interviewing members of your team on video or presenting a typical day in your office, is a good way of helping your target audience to get to know you, as people prefer to buy from people. It also helps them to understand your culture 

Behind the scenes 

If you provide a product, or are a manufacturer, showing how your goods are produced and packaged can increase trust and value in what you have to offer. 

Live presentation or webinar 

Videos of live events are often popular as they appear spontaneous and unscripted and thus more believable. They can help the viewer gain a good impression or your work ethic and values. 

Influencers videos 

More businesses are trying to encourage influencers to review their products or services on their own platforms by sending out invitations or free samples. Many of these popular figures have a large following providing your business with a captive audience. 
Using a video to make announcement of new services or products is a great way of generating interest and gaining early orders in advance of your products release. It also helps to show you are transparent and are moving forwards. 
We hope our suggestions of video content have helped you. If you need any additional help or information, get in touch with our experts at It'seeze Colchester. 
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