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In a year that has brought us into a second national lockdown and that has seen small businesses fight harder than ever to survive, we wanted to give you the chance to support a friend, family member or colleague to improve their business offering. it'seeze Colchester & Ipswich are selling gift vouchers, which are valid for one year and which the recipient can redeem against the setup fee of one of our website packages
Priorities have shifted this year as have spending habits and consumer choices. People are keen to shop locally and like the idea, but sometimes get stuck in a rut of ordering from larger multi-national companies. Firstly, by buying a voucher from it'seeze Colchester & Ipswich you are supporting a local business and for this we are truly grateful.  
Do you have grown up children who simply don't need a traditional gift this year? Are they working hard to survive in this global pandemic and do they have an effective website? Perhaps they are starting a business in 2021? If so, then you can give them a head start in making their business visible online. 
We operate in and around the Essex and Suffolk area and with many years of experience, we know what it takes to design a website that works for you. We are on hand locally to assist and train small and medium sized business owners, so that they can easily edit their website. We also offer add-on services if required, such as SEO and redesigns, making us a top choice in this area for website design. 
Maybe your friend, family member or even colleague has a website that just doesn't work for them? They are not alone! Websites that do not work on a mobile phone easily or are not secure will make users go elsewhere.  
We regularly hear from people who have a website already and they cannot edit it or it is not giving their business visibility online. Our bespoke website platform has it covered and takes the stress away from the business owner. We look after security updates, outstanding design, website images, responsiveness and domain and email set up, so that the website works on every screen size. Your local Colchester based support person will contact you regularly to ensure that you get the best out of your website. 
We can design a simple five page starter website, a larger website with the ability to add unlimited images (to a hairdressing or builder's gallery for example), or a shop website, for people who are selling online. So if your gift recipient has a shop but no online shop then this is truly the gift for them. With a huge increase in online sales this year, they are missing out on a massive chunk of the market. The beautician or hairdresser that uses Facebook to operate is also missing out, as most people will look for a website to see if the tradesperson is credible.  
The mechanic who is super busy working and simply doesn't have time to create a website, will appreciate this investment in their future and their business. There is a common misconception that people who are busy, do not need a website. However, the businesses that will survive this rocky 2020, are the ones who diversify.  
Marketing should be ongoing and a website is at the centre of any marketing strategy. Your friend, son, daughter, colleague or relative wants to be busy for many years to come, and a website will kick start 2021 on their journey of making their business visible online. Please click here to buy a gift voucher or to find out more. 
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