One of the trends in the world of social platforms are audio chat rooms, like Clubhouse, which allow you to join a virtual room of people to hear a debate, listen to music or to join a conversation. 
With a whopping reported 700,000 rooms created each day and a limit of 8000 people per room, the catch up with friends style app is set to continue to change the way that we share and receive information. What does this mean for business and what do we need to watch out for? 
For businesses, word of mouth has always been important and tools that spread the word quicker could make a huge difference, particularly to SMEs. Traditional platforms are starting to tweak their offering by modernising the business angle. Facebook are set to change the need for you to manage a business profile via a personal page, for example. Linked In saw a phenomenal increase in their live streaming service and this trend is one that we predict will continue to grow during this year. People are hungry for live content that isn't edited and they love the 'behind the scenes' format. 
While the conversations and the videos are not as polished as marketing productions in days gone by, the reach is far wider. Audio apps, like Clubhouse have features to record conversations, so it is imperative that we are accurate in our wording and that we remain a representative of our company whether at work during working hours, or not. Physical products that get mentioned and recommended continue to see spikes in sales as a result of videos and collaborations. However, the success of your brand is more than a mention, it's the quality of the interaction with each and every customer. It's the speed at which you resolve an issue or answer a question. Just as the word spreads fast and can bring a business success, the same goes for poor experiences and service. So whether you are avid Tiktok users or prefer Facebook, we would urge you to keep up with new trends, take a look and try them out. You may even be a valid voice in a social community, where you can showcase your expertise. However, remember there is always a line, so tread carefully and operate like every conversation is recorded to maintain the professionalism that your business deserves. 
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