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Many SME business owners are not sure of the next steps once their new website has gone live. Instead of searching on Google and wondering why you are not straight at the top, why not educate yourself on some sensible and affordable next steps? 
Our handy guide for new clients often calms them and gives them a 'to do' list that they can tailor to their business or industry. From breaking down what has been done already to understanding what else they can do to become more visible online. 
Once we explain that if you had brochures printed up you wouldn't leave them at home stacked up, then most people realise that they need to play a part in getting their website found. You can pay for these services and indeed some of our clients partner with us for SEO Services. However, many business owners do not have a budget for this and are keen to understand the benefits of social media marketing, Google My Business listings, and local directories that can get them found by potential clients. 
Please take a look at our Handy Help Guide and feel free to try out one of the suggestions to see if it works for you. It can take many small steps to get to the success that you strive for. If you have questions about our guide, SEO services or anything else please Get In Touch
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