We're pleased to announce a brand new addition to the it'seeze website editor - the background image component.  
This new option will allow clients, franchisees, and the designers to easily set images as backgrounds for areas of content within any responsive website, including full-width sections and columns. 
There are many benefits to this new component, including: 
Easier editing - this new option reduces the need for breakpoints and repeated content, making websites easier for clients to edit 
Selected focus - you can now choose a focus point for the background image, so key details within the image are always displayed at any screen size 
Improved speed - sites will now be faster as the background image will be cropped and scaled for every device, instead of the full-size image being loaded each time 
Adaptable content - all different kinds of content can be added on top of a background image; including text, images, maps, and more - this reduces the need to use the text-on-image component, meaning text will no longer scale down unnecessarily 
Fully flexible - when content is added onto a background image, the image will adjust to the size of the content 
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