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We know this is a feature that many of our clients require right now, as they may find they are currently unable to fulfil orders due to reduced staff, stock shortages, or a sudden increase in demand for products. 
The shop status settings can be found under 'Configuration' in the shop management panel. 
You have three options: 
Open for browsing and buying.This is the default setting for your shop. It means your online store is fully active, with customers able to browse the shop and purchase your products as normal. 
Open for browsing only: 
When you select this option, your customers can continue to browse the shop and access their accounts as normal, but they will be unable to buy anything. This is a great time to make use of the wishlist feature to encourage future purchases when your shop reopens. You can display a notice on your category and product pages that lets your customers know about the temporary changes and when they can expect to make purchases again. 
When you select this option, your shop will be closed completely. Any links to your shop pages will be redirected to the page of your choice, which should inform customers why your shop is closed and when it is likely to reopen. 
Please be aware that choosing the 'Closed' option will impact your website's search engine rankings over time, as your shop pages will gradually be removed from Google's index. Therefore, you should only choose this option if you are not expecting to open your shop again in the near future. 
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