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Many clients want to preserve their domain history and are concerned about the technical aspects of transferring their domain. The good news is that as well as your local Colchester based team, it'seeze have the back up of a UK based Head Office with our very own domain specialists. 
Once a client has had a free consultation and comes on board, we can obtain a domain for them if they do not have one. This is included in our packages
If they already have a website or simply own a domain then they do not need to sweat! They can just tell us the following and we can go from there. 
Who currently hosts the domain name? Please provide a company name and tel no 
The login and password to the control panel used to manage the domain 
A list of email addresses (if you have any) that are linked to the domain 
Confirmation of whether you are leaving the domain where it is currently hosted or if you are transferring it to it'seeze for hosting 
Please note that your emails will need to be backed up before the new website goes live, as we will not retain the email history if you transfer to it'seeze for hosting 
Fear not if you do not know some or all of this information, our Domains Team will come to the rescue and work with your Colchester based consultant to help you figure it out. The beauty of having specialists like these is that as a client you can speak with them directly, and tell them how you use your email and what you need. They can make recommendations related to transferring the hosting of email over to us, and give you advice that is bespoke and that will make the transition smooth. 
So, don't let domain niggles stand in your way of taking the plunge and improving your visibility online with it'seeze. Contact us for a no obligation chat
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