As one year closes and another is about to begin, we wanted to give you some tips on the latest digital marketing trends to lookout for in 2023. Digital marketing is a competitive arena, so if you can be ahead of your competition at the start of the new year, it should serve you well over the coming months. 

Optimise your website for mobile screens 

Nowadays more than 50% of consumers use their phones to surf the web, so it makes sense to have your website or app designed with the user in mind in 2023. 
Experts, like it’seeze Ipswich, recommend you to keep your website design simple to improve the user’s journey. 
Trending now are designs that include: 
Animated elements 
Minimalism, without banner ads and pop-us 
More video content 
Voice activated interfaces 
Scrollytelling, the story unfolds as you scroll. 

Influencer marketing 

This is where marketers use influencers, who are considered experts in their arena. They use their influence over their large number of followers on social media to encourage them to the buy things they recommend. 
Marketers like to collaborate with influencers by asking them to try their products and endorse them, thus increasing the sales of their products and services online. Influencer marketing has been on the rise in 2022. 
Forging alliances with a number of influencers could work well as part of your digital marketing strategy over a longer period of time in 2023, especially if the influencer’s followers are in your target market. 
To find the right influencer for your brand there are tools available like Sidequik. 

Live streaming 

During 2022 more people have enjoyed live streaming video content from social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, so we’re expecting it to increase even further in popularity. 
This works more effectively if you are using influencer marketing, as it permits you to reach potential customers as your influencer shows off your products or services in a “live show.” 
Our friendly local team provide you with a professional, fully responsive and affordable website that will take your business from zero to hero. It’eeze Colchester also offers you ongoing hands-on website support in the form of advice, guidance and training to help your website grow as your business or e-commerce store requires. We provide a selection of packages and we would like to tell you about one of our most popular. 

Personalised marketing 

As digital marketing gets more competitive, marketers will need to go the extra mile to provide unique products or services tailored specifically for individuals. 
Content will not just have to be timely and relevant, but will also made to measure. 
Experts are anticipating that businesses will need plan their strategies to incorporate platforms that use AI to collect data about individual customers so that template content can be adapted for each prospect’s personal needs. 

Social Responsibility 

New studies have shown that customers are more likely to buy if a brand shows it is aware of the impact they have on their environment and can demonstrate they are trying to improve their carbon footprint etc. 
We would advise you to be careful if you plan to pursue this method of digital marketing, as consumers will be aware of “greenwashing” or “green sheen” where companies deliberately market that they are environmentally friendly in order to persuade the public to buy their merchandise. 

Consumer generated content 

Also known as User-generated content (UGC), consumer generated content are pictures, texts or videos where your fans give reviews or testimonials on social media. 
This form of content can get your brand seen by new audiences through connections by increasing their trust, more than business generated content. It helps your brand to come across as more authentic, so it’s worth including it in your digital marketing strategy. 


Chatbots or chatterbots have become more popular in 2022 for conducting online chats, either by text or vocally, with potential buyers. 
The use of this software applications frees up the customer service representatives so they can deal with more difficult problems that may occur. 
Experts predict in 2023 that chatbots will become more lifelike and be able to deal with more complex issues. 

Outsourcing to a digital marketing agency is rising 

We’ve found that start-ups or small businesses sometimes lack the expertise to do their digital marketing like a professional and lack the resources to outsource to an agency. 
We would recommend you to book a website and social media health check with us and our experts will advise you on the best way to grow your business online. 
Call us today to book yours. 
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