Web designers in Colchester
When you start looking for a suitable partner to help you design or re design your company website, the options, packages and solutions available are vast and often mind-boggling to average the business owner who is trying not to be taken for a ride. 
Solutions range from a DIY website (almost free), right up to bespoke ground up designed websites that can cost tens of thousands of pounds and take many months to develop. Finding the right trusted partner somewhere in the middle is often half the battle. 
We would say that DIY websites have a place if you are running a one off event or a hobby business. These platforms can also be used for private parties to share wedding day photos for fun etc but they are not suitable for a serious business that is looking to develop, engage and build a professional brand. 
Then you have the other end of the scale where web design agencies will design you a website from the ground up often costing £1000’s for a few pages and normally over specified and over complicated for your current needs. 
One of the most important questions to ask at the very beginning is “what on-going support does your web design partner provide? Quite often your DIY solution will have a call centre in India or the US with obvious issues with time differences. Agencies designing a one-off website with a hefty upfront design cost may offer support after the initial design, but it may be based on an hourly rate of £60+ per edit so it is worth checking. 
Other solutions will include access for you to edit your website yourself but make sure it’s a system that is designed to be user friendly and that you have backup support if needed. Often websites are designed by developers and while techies understand their system, it’s not always easy for the end user to understand and manage the content. 
Over the last 13 years we have partnered with almost 1000 clients in many industry sectors and in our experience when we meet our clients face to face the partnership is stronger and the website is much more effective long-term. So, with this in mind try to partner with a trusted, established local company. 
We also suggest that you do your research, Google “Web Design” in your town and see who is at the top, not paying their way to the top but at the top of page one organically, if these guys can get themselves at the top of the list for web design then there is much more chance they can help you do the same if that’s what you are looking for. 
Other things to look for in your potential web design partner's own website is how fast it loads, if it loads slowly that’s not a great sign, nor is unprofessional design, an unsecured website, or broken links, again if they are not giving their own website the attention that it deserves then why would they give it to yours? 
We would also suggest as part of your research that you have a look at their reviews for signs of consistent issues. Reviews on Google or Trustpilot are normally a good place to start. You may even call a couple of their clients; most web designers will have a portfolio of clients that they work with and a quick call to get some honest feedback may save you trouble later. 
The good news is that when you do pick the right web design company they will be full of creative ideas and they will add value to your business. A great web designer will be able to support you and your business wherever you wish to take it. 
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