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There isn't a secret formula or a magic plan to grow your business and if there was we would all be doing just that. There are strategies and processes that will help you to make decisions on how to evolve. 
In what for many is an uncertain climate it can be useful to focus inwards and base your strategy on what works for you and your business. As entrepreneurs you are used to thinking outside of the box and if you go back to your early days in business you will surely remember the trials and tribulations and also the successes. This reflection should help you to make decisions based on expertise and experience. 
If you are looking to outperform similar businesses you can consider your internal knowledge and your marketing efforts. Although it is important to remember that in a covid pandemic what works now may not work in the future. So this plan and strategy is ever evolving. 
You can look at your marketing streams and your content and then test and measure. You need to evaluate how much you spent versus your profit. Quite simply, you can keep the strategies that made money and ditch those that didn't. 
Internally you should be tracking your costs and investigating the value of these. Crucially, this is ongoing and ever changing. So if you are not investing in the business at the moment and particularly if things are quiet, hopefully you can do some investigation into past performance and trends. The data will help you to make value based decisions that should keep the business growing and healthy as we progress further into 2021. 
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