Refer a business to it'seeze & earn up-to £75* each. 

Refer a business to it'seeze & earn up-to £75* each. 

That's right you'll both earn up to £75* each once they have signed up. 

Do you know now a business in need of a new website? 

Help other local businesses to save time, reduce stress, and win more business online with a brilliant it’seeze website – and earn rewards for doing so. All you need to do is tell us the name of any businesses you know who would like to talk to us about improving their website and we'll do the rest. 
As a thank you, we’ll send you both £75* for every business that signs up with us until the end of August 2022 based on our Max & Shop packages and £50* for our Plus packages – it’s really that simple. 

How it works 

You make the call 
Speak to the business owner you have mind & they agree to a call. 
You fill in your details 
and tell us a bit about the business is that you’re referring to us. 
We meet the client 
If it's right for them we’ll sign them up for the most appropriate solution for their business. 
You both earn up-to £75 
You’ll receive £75 for every successful referral (Max or Plus Websites) & £50 for a Plus. 
If you have any questions about this referral scheme, please contact us. 

Refer a business today  

Got someone in mind? Drop us the name of their business below and start earning rewards. 

Your Details  

Their Details 

This promotion can not be used in conjunction with with any past promotions or offers. 
Existing or previous clients of it’seeze Colchester or Ipswich are not eligible as referrals. 
Referrals can be made by submitting the above form; by writing to Oliver Brock, it’seeze Web Consultants, The Colchester Business Centre, 340 The Crescent Colchester, CO4 9AD; or by emailing 
Referral payments can only be guaranteed (providing all other terms and conditions are met) for businesses whose trading address is within one of the following postcodes: CM0 CM1 CM2 CM3 CM7 CM8 CM9 CO1 CO2 CO3 CO4 CO5 CO6 CO7 CO9 CO11 CO12 CO13 CO14 CO15 CO16 CB9 CO8 CO10 IP1 IP2 IP3 IP4 IP5 IP6 IP7 IP8 IP9 IP10 IP11 IP14 IP28 IP29 IP30 IP31 IP32 IP33 
This offer is valid until the 31/08/2022. If you recommend before this date and clients sign up within a three month period following this date then we ill honor the referral. 
For any referrals whose trading address is not listed above, please contact as it may be possible to accept these under certain conditions - such as if the referred client is located in a participating it’seeze region. 
*A £75 Amazon Gift Card will be made for any referral where an it’seeze Max or it’seeze Shop package is chosen.  
Clients and refers that sign up for an it’seeze Plus package (via this referral form) will be awarded a£50 Amazon Gift Card  
You will be notified when your referral’s it’seeze website is set live and the appropriate voucher will be issued. Payment will only be made once the referred client’s website is set live . 
Payments / vouchers include VAT 
If the same referral is received from multiple refers, only the first person to submit this referral will be eligible for the payment. 
it’seeze Colchester reserves the right to withdraw, amend, or alter the terms of this scheme at any time without prior notice. 
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