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Most business owners are finding themselves having to adapt to the changes in human behaviour caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. According the Office of National Statistics, almost half the UK’s adult population in employment are now working from their home offices, compared with just 5.1% this time last year. Experts are anticipating a reduction in consumer spending in shops, cafes, gyms and leisure outlets due to office workers spending less time employed in their business premises. 
This also means that rather than taking time travelling to their offices, more time can be allocated to browsing the Internet, opening emails, interacting on social media, reading blogs and carrying out research online before buying what they are looking for. 
Now, more than ever, business owners need to focus their attention on leveraging customer attention and retention by investing in a new or refurbished website, if they want consumers to be buying from them, rather than a bigger brand or local competitor. 
At it’seeze websites in Colchester, we specialise in creating cost-effective website designs to help businesses in the Essex area raise their profiles so they get the most from their digital shop windows. 
When you ask us to design a website, we’ll ask you about your business requirements. Once your site is live, we’ll advise you on the best ways of attracting potential customers to your site, ensuring visitors stay on the pages where your business sells its products or services. 
Being Google friendly and search engine optimised is vital, if you want to stay competitive in the current climate, as you could be losing business if your website doesn’t rank highly in Google searches for your industry. 
It’s easier than you think to stay on the first page of Google, if you follow the simple steps that we’ll give you to make sure your website is search engine friendly. 
According to marketing data, more than 50% of customers now use their mobile phones to surf the Internet in their free time, so we specialise in designing websites that not only look good but also work well on all types of screens. 
You and your customers can rest assured that your website can be trusted and will be safe and secure, as our tech-savvy designers will use the latest technology and will ensure that it is properly encrypted. 
If websites are slow to load their pages, frustrated visitors might go elsewhere, but this is less likely to happen to your website, as we’ll also show you some tactics, so your website remains fast. 
We can also advise you on the correct use of images or SEO wording to give your website the sophisticated and professional image you want to create. 
The changes in customer behaviour have altered the rule book for digital marketing, so if you have an established business, we can provide a free website health check to help you identify what’s working on your website and what isn’t. 
Get in touch today to request your free website health check. 
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