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In the world of web design, there are some elements that we take for granted as we see certain features all of the time. So let's focus on icons. There is much talk about images when creating or changing a website. But photos are only part of that story. 
Icons are familiar to us all and we only have to see the Facebook or Instagram symbol to know that an organisation has a FB/Instagram page. Similarly a phone icon is sufficient for us to click and call a company.  
Many clients who we work with haven't thought about icons beyond the common ones mentioned above and those we see every day. However, icons can help to shape the visual experience of a website for a user, encouraging them to click for more information and giving an additional feel to photos and text. It also brings alive a page that is text based like testimonials or FAQs. Take a look at The Rosewater Group to see what we mean. 
When you start to delve into icons, there is something for every industry and although we use them all the time, clients are always extra pleased with them and how they look on their website. For more icon inspiration please take a look at Inspired Furniture, R Best Building Services and Flow Studio Pilates
Icons combined with our Show/Hide feature really transforms the page as you can see in the Before and After examples below. We can use this kind of imagery on any bespoke website that we build and the Show/Hide feature is exclusively available to our Max and Shop clients. To browse our packages please take a look at our Prices page and if you have any questions, please Get In Touch
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web design Essex Colchester
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