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More online businesses are including landing pages on their websites as part of their marketing strategy to boost their lead generation after lockdown. It’s an obvious way of leveraging extra revenue from your website. 
With more businesses now online, consumers are being bombarded with marketing information, so it is getting tougher to convert your visitors, who are likely to flit to your competitor’s website within seconds. 
As a result, more and more businesses are asking it’seeze Colchester to create landing pages for them. According to experts, 48% of marketers are now creating new landing pages for businesses for each different marketing campaign. 

Website Landing pages 

Landing pages (see:, which are also known as Lead Capture Pages, are unlike other pages on your website, as they are specifically designed to convert visitors into customers by capturing their contact details/data in exchange for an alluring offer. It’s the page you land on after following up an offer for a free document or voucher to download, after clicking the link following a search engine enquiry. 
Landing pages are most effective when they grab your visitors’ attention by convincing them they cannot do without your special offer and draw them to take the desired action you are trying to persuade them to take, namely, giving you their name and contact details etc. in exchange for your offer. 

Capitalise on your audiences’ pain points 

It is wise to have a clear picture, or avatar, of who your ideal customer and target audience would be for each of your products and services, before starting to design a landing page and marketing campaign. 
You need to understand what gives your ideal customer a headache, what their needs are and offer a lead magnate that will benefit them. Remember that people with problems are looking for solutions. 
Take time to choose your lead magnate 
A lead magnate is the irresistible offer you provide to draw people to give you their details. If your ideal client struggles to write business blogs, you could offer them chance to download a list of the 25 most effective headlines for blogs, or provide them with a white paper giving advice on top tips on how to make videos for YouTube, or providing them with a discount voucher, if they sign up for your email newsletter. 
Different landing pages for various locations 
If your business operates nationwide or countywide, it is advisable to have a different landing page for every region, each county or individual city. This will help you to be found more easily in Google searches and drive traffic to your website. 
Forget generic and be specific 
Each of your products or services deserves its own landing page. 
Every landing page should have a call-to-action linked to a specific product or service. This way you help your users to focus on solutions to challenges and help them make a decision. 

Test and measure 

Look at your Google analytics after a campaign to check which landing page is working best and why, then fine tune each one.  
You should ask yourself and consider whether your audience knows the main focus of your landing page? 
Is my landing page targeting one purpose (e.g., acquiring new newsletter subscriber)? 
Will my audience react appropriately to my call-to-action? 
It’seeze Colchester are experts at creating websites, so if you need a new landing page designed, get in touch. 

It'seeze Client? See how to create landing pages on your website here... 

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