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Search Engine Optimisation is the art of getting your website to appear on search engines, like Google, ahead of your competitors. It requires experience, managing over time and an awareness of what your competitors are putting into the process. If you want to book a consultation with us to see our success in managing SEO for Essex and Suffolk SMEs, please click here
When you start thinking about working on your website's SEO, it is natural to want to know how long it will take until you see the results and what those results will look like. We hope to somewhat simplify the process for you to understand, certainly at high level, what SEO entails and the results that can come from investing SEO specialists, like it'seeze Colchester. 
How Long Does SEO take to work? 
If your SEO partner has taken the time to understand your business then you can normally expect to see results within a few months. It is advisable to take a long term view with SEO, because it is an ongoing process and focusing on too small a time period may give you a skewed view. It is super important, therefore to partner with a trusted company who you like and who you can leave this with, while you can stick to your day job. 
You can expect to see results (which are cumulative) grow over time and at some point level out where the strategy then can switch to maintaining those results. Focus on your return on investment and look to invest for 6-12 months minimum. If you cannot commit then it is probably time to reassess, as your SEO partner will want to do the very best for you and can only do that with time on their side. 
Put simply, you are better working with an SEO specialist, who drives sales rather than one who gets you ranking highly. Many businesses can achieve a decent ranking, with or without an SEO partner on board, but that doesn't always generate sales. 
No two websites are the same, so your results and success are unique. Factors such as competition and the quality of the content on a website, play a crucial role in determining it's ongoing performance. 
A local company, serving a specified area, like a plumber in Colchester is going to have less competition than a company who sell plumbing parts to the whole of the UK. The more websites that you are competing against, the more time effort and budget it will take to climb the search rankings. 
One of the elements of SEO success which business owners can work on and maintain with advice from an SEO professional is the content on the website. 100 quality words that answer the majority of search terms and user questions can be more beneficial that 1000 words of fluff and waffle that do not address user queries and what they are looking for. 
Should You Take The SEO Plunge? 
Sometimes we do not take on SEO clients as there are other obvious areas that they could spend their money on before investing in SEO. Examples include a small website with not many pages in a saturated market. The obvious first step is to invest in a large website, like our Max package, where you can have unlimited pages. Unlimited pages, means more content and if done properly, quality content can help to get you higher up the rankings. Our built in blog on the Max package is very popular for this exact reason. 
You may need to work on the quality of your content first and we can help with copy writing and blog articles if needed. 
As we have explained above we rarely advise on a short term strategy, as you may be left disappointed. Long term focus is required for SEO success and taking on board what your web consultant is suggesting to get to your goal. 
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