We see websites every day, and like everything else in our lives we have our opinions, likes, and preferences. Our job is to take a comprehensive brief and deliver what the client wants to represent and personify their business. This month we have picked the brand new Float & Booch website as our office favourite. Today, I would like to talk about the attributes of wellness and beauty industry websites to help those who are looking to invest in a new website or update their existing one. 
So, why do we like Float & Booch so much? When you browse the website the pictures exude calm and relaxation. The green palette is a fantastic way to relax the visitor and to promote health and wellness.  
The external booking system, which is linked to the website, means that the owner can focus on the business and the bookings are automated. There is clarity for customers in the form of FAQs and Book Here buttons.  
The website talks about the floatation benefits as well as the organic health drinks, which this company are passionate about. The strapline Relax - Refuel - Rejuvenate is spot on and I really like the icons used to reiterate the message. 
Float & Booch Strapline and Icons 
Another of our clients, The Mind Body & Soul uses calming colours like white and gold to relax the reader, whilst they choose their beauty or aesthetics appointments. Again, the company use a booking system to make the customer journey seamless and instant.  
MBS also have a great blog, where they post updates and unique content. Google favours such content and this in turn will help the website's ranking. A blog also shows customers that you care and that you want to give them tips and keep in touch. MBS sell products online to support the client's beauty regime at home. Selling your products online is a great way to keep your business diverse and to sell to those further afield. 
At the moment we are working on a website for Fresh Fit Escapes, who run all inclusive energising fitness escapes. With a focus on wellness and travel, Fresh Fit Escapes want to attract like-minded people who want to discover the world while looking after themselves with workouts and amazing nutritious food.  
So, what is our process? We meet with the client and spend as long as is needed understanding their business, who their clients are and exactly what they are looking for from their website. We take their logo (we can create one if needed), and we use the colours and style to help shape the visual.  
We then have our own portfolio of bespoke websites, that we can use to illustrate elements and to contribute our ideas through experience and knowledge of what works. Our Design Team then take our detailed brief and design a bespoke website that is unique to your business and will stand out from this very crowded space. 
The Mind, Body & Soul Shop 
Coming Soon, Fresh Fit Escapes... 
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