Got an it’seeze Max or Shop website? If you do, the chances are you’re already making use of the built-in blog feature within your site. 
After all, blogging is a great way to drive more traffic to your website, promote your products and services, demonstrate your expertise, and build trust in your business. 
However, it’s not just new blog content you should be focusing on. To really get the most out of your blog, you should also make sure you’re regularly optimising historical blog posts too. 
How can you optimise an old blog post? Here are a few ideas: 
Refresh the existing content so it’s still accurate and relevant 
Add in additional content to fill in any gaps 
Update the formatting of the blog post so it’s easy for people to scan 
Add in internal links to any relevant pages you’ve since created 
Refresh the images used within the post so they’re up-to-date 
Change the call-to-action to align with your current business goals 
Update the page title and description to improve your search presence 
Add in more relevant keywords wherever they fit naturally within the copy 
Don’t have the built-in blog feature but wish you did? It’s easy to upgrade your it’seeze website package so that you can benefit from the blog and many other great features – just get in touch and we can help you: 01206 512093 
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