Everyone is online at the moment, let's face it there are only so many walks that you can go on! 
So how can you stand out from the crowd and get browsers to purchase from you? Here are some top tips if you are selling online, 
Use persuasive language and speak to peoples' emotions. Make them see the benefits. 
Create a sense of urgency, limited time, special deal etc 
Customers like .99 so remember the magic 9! £19.99 is perceived as less and and just might seal the deal over the item being £20.00. 
Product presentation is key. When presented with 2 products most people will buy the cheapest. Why not present three products, as then most people will opt for the mid range one. 
Influence shopping behaviour with the details. So if you have a sale, please show the original retail price. If you are using products to boost sales, think about your consumer and the behaviour that you want to see when presenting your products. 
Free appeals to everyone. Free delivery, free returns, how can you incorporate a freebie into your offering? 
Display testimonials prominently so that you are seen as credible. 
Provide excellent service every time as people will recommend you and buy from you again 
Hopefully these tips give you some food for thought. If you need to sell online we can set you up quickly. Our Shop package can be viewed here and you can see all of our packages and prices here
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