If your business has gone quiet, why not take the time to turn over a new leaf and manage your emails differently? I will always remember a lively American colleague of mine who told everyone in the office that you should delete, deal or delegate any emails that you receive. The three Ds stuck with me and to this day I use this as a basic method to manage my mailbox. 
Now this doesn’t mean that if you walk past my desk, that I have an empty inbox. The reality is that there is always something that you need to action but you cannot get to it straight away. I believe that clearing the way, so that your inbox is your to do list is a great way to start. Our itseeze weekly newsletter from Head Office is a good example. I keep it if there is something that I want to blog about, as this serves as a reminder and stays on my to do list. I send it on to colleagues if I want to point something out to them or highlight a point from it. Or I read it and either delete it or file it for future reference. 
As well as the the delete, deal or delegate mantra, I also would add file on to the end of that. Company emails are designed to share information, which we may need to refer to later. So you may have a help file, which are items that you will need further down the line. You might have project folders where you file relevant emails too. The beauty of filing being that when you need something it is easily to hand as you can search in the relevant folder. 
Now more than ever it is important to get to those incoming enquiries and respond. We may be at home but people are online more than they have been before, and many are future planning. If your emails are out of control then start from the bottom and get to the oldest items first. Maybe target to go through a certain number per day? If you are subscribed to something that isn’t useful then unsubscribe and then select and delete all of that email type. Before lockdown is over you will have a slimmed down inbox, full of work to action and a filing system that is second to none. 
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