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It's always worth Checking your Google My Business profile to make sure any images are displaying properly in search results. 
The image preview size will vary depending on how your map area is displayed, and whether any photos of your location are also provided. 
This means that certain images may appear cropped or blurry within the Knowledge Panel, which may not give potential customers the best impression of your business when they search for you online. 
Whilst it is possible to set a cover image and a logo within Google My Business, Google will often ignore this and pick a photo at random from the selection that have been uploaded to your profile. 
For this reason, it’s worth checking in from time to time to make sure a suitable image is being shown – you will need to delete any images that are not displaying properly. 
We’d also recommend taking this opportunity to delete any outdated images that have been uploaded to your profile. Please remember that you can also not use stock photos from Getty Images on Google My Business – as per our license, you may only show these within the context of our websites. 
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