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If you find you have some time on your hands at the moment then it might be a good opportunity to review your online marketing and a great place to start is your company website. I have put together a few tips and ideas that I hope you will find helpful. 
The first thing I would suggest is that you take a look at your website from your clients' or potential clients' point of view. What does your website say about you in the first 3-5 seconds? Can you get to the information you need quickly? Is the website secure? Does the website load quickly, does it look professional? Is there a clear call to action on each page and can you find the phone number, contact details and trading address without any trouble? 
These are a few of the things I would look for when reviewing a prospective client's website, with over 10 years in the industry it’s easy for me to look at a site from a third party viewpoint.  
It’s also important that you can take a step back and try to do the same with your own website, as it should highlight some areas for improvement. 
So here are my 11 suggestions for areas you should look at first when reviewing your website: 

Review and re-write the content on your website: 

When you land on the home page what is the very first message that you see? It should be a very short strapline that tells people exactly what you do and how you can help them. 
Over the last few years less has become more regarding written content on your website, so keep to the point with your company introduction and avoid going into company history on your home page. This can be added to the about us page within the website. As a guide I would suggest that a good home page introduction is around 300 words explaining how you can help your prospective client. 
Some clients find this really difficult so employing a professional to help you will pay dividends later, feel free to contact Sally at www.writewai.com 

Add/replace images: 

If the images on your website were added a few years ago then there’s a good chance they are no longer appropriate. 
Luckily it’seeze websites allow access to Pixabay via our easy to use editor so replacing library images is very easy. If you have the budget I would also suggest employing a professional photographer to help create images that represent your business, brand, and services. 

Create new pages: 

As we all know, Google likes big websites with quality content that’s continuously evolving so creating new pages will only help with visibility.  
I really like FAQs pages, testimonial pages, 'Meet the Team' pages, and of course a blog that is being updated every month is a very important addition to any website. 

Review the services you offer: 

If your website has not been updated for a number of years then it’s probably lacking some of the new services that you provide. It may even contain some services or products that you no longer supply. 
Also, I would suggest that your main services have dedicated pages as this will help them get found and indexed by Google. For example if you were a home improvements business then you should dedicate pages to Bathroom Installation, Kitchen Installation, Decorating Services, Building Extensions, etc. 

Take a look at what your competitors are doing: 

This is really important when reviewing your website, I’m not saying copy them but if they are doing something that looks like it works then there may be an opportunity. Check out their blogging activity, if they are using social media, video, live chat etc. 

Go mobile-friendly: 

You may not believe this but yes I still see websites that are not mobile-ready (responsive) and I speak to potential clients that still think it’s not important.  
If you are not sure just take a look at your own website on your phone. In 2019 just over half of all web searches were done on a mobile device. 

Check spelling and grammar:  

People will click away from your website if they see mistakes so make sure it’s checked and then checked again. 

Check website speed: 

If your website loads slowly then people will get frustrated and click away before you even had a chance to show them your website.  
We can check this for you with our free website health check

Is your brand consistent across the www? 

Make sure that your brand is consistent across all parts of the web so if people land on your Facebook or Twitter page, then head over to your website they see the same colour palette, logos, fonts and theme.  
This also applies to off-site marketing, branded business cards, flyers, vehicle livery etc. 

Correct address and contact details across the www… 

This is important as Google will look for consistency here, so if you have moved offices in the last 6 months please make sure that all listed addresses and phone numbers are the same.  
An easy way to do this is to Google your own business and then start searching. You may have listings on business directories that are out of date or social business pages that need updating so it's worth checking. 

Make sure your website is secure and legal: 

Again this is something we see all the time, websites that do not have the appropriate security in place, SSL certificates, privacy policies and cookie notices, it’s now law to make sure your website is compliant, if you are not sure we can always review and advise. 
Hopefully some of these ideas are helpful, of course if you would like any assistance with any of the above or you would like a FREE website health check then please feel free to contact me directly at oliver.brock@itseeze.co.uk or telephone: 01206 512093. 
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