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We’ve all seen or heard the adverts, and while I’m sure it’s true you can purchase a domain and add a logo, email, and telephone number to a basic holding page in a few minutes, the truth is if you’re running a serious business your website deserves a whole lot more attention than this. 
With the world changing at what seems like lightning speed these days, it’s more important than ever for businesses to get their online marketing activity right and your website should be at the very heart of this. 
If you are spending money on paid advertising, social media management, email marketing, or even printed adverts all roads lead back to a well designed, professional website. Remember, people will click off your website in under 3-5 seconds for a whole host of reasons including load speed, security, design, spelling, and grammar - to name a few. 
Before we even start the website design process we meet with you so we can understand your business, requirements, and goals. We also need to understand who your clients are, where they are based, their gender and age range. On top of all this we also now need to consider that your clients will be viewing your website on a whole range of screens from small mobile phones to large computers or even TV screens. 
Only then can we start to understand how your new website needs to look, what functionality is required and how it needs to interact with its users. 
If it’seeze design your website, it takes 14-17 working days before we see the draft link (not 14-17 minutes) we then arrange to meet you so we can review your website before it goes live, your website is tested, we make sure all links work correctly, call to actions are installed, forms forward to the correct email and all keywords are added. 
So if you are serious about your business, then I suggest that you dedicate a whole lot more time and attention to your company website. 
If you are looking for a website for a new business project, then feel free to call us directly on: 01206 512093 to arrange a meeting. If you have an existing website and you are looking for some assistance to improve it, feel free to try our website health check here. 
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