market your new website

It’s always exciting when you launch your new website... 

and let the whole world know about your business and your brand. Your website has been loaded with alluring copy and engaging images showing off your services and products, so all you need now are some customers. 
It is the time to start marketing your website so that it can be found easily online by your prospects. 
Here are some simple methods it’seeze Colchester would recommend you use to drive traffic to your website, to put you streets ahead of your competition. 
Fresh creative content 
Uploading regular fresh content to your website in the form of new informative copy and images that demonstrate your knowledge, expertise and skills, is the way to get the best results possible in Google searches. 
Your content should be engaging, educational or entertaining. You can upload blogs about your news or industry or fresh words for your website. The more useful your content, the longer your visitors are likely to linger and click the button to buy from you. 

Get networking on social media 

Whether you use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Tik Tok, whichever social media platform you use, commit to sharing posts regularly and you will be rewarded. As people get to know you and you interact with them, they are likely to click through to your website to support you. You could also set up a Facebook Group to build added trust. People buy from people, so start telling them what a great business you run. 

Build up a database of customers 

Follow GDPR guidance and keep a list of people who become your customers and have bought from you, who have attended your event or signed up to receive your newsletters. 

Send out regular email campaigns 

Cultivate a good relationship with your customers by sending them regular emails giving them top tips about your industry, advising them how they can do things themselves and reminding them that your business is there to cater for them, should they want your help. 

Distribute press releases 

Everyone has a story to tell and that’s true of your business too. It could be how you were led to launch your business, or your unique product that you invented or when you won your first business award. Get to know the journalist in your locality and make a point of sending regular press releases to them, including links to your website. It is bound to lead to more people visiting your website and you should soon see an increase in sales. 

Keep an eye on your data 

Keep a record of your results and analyse what marketing strategy works best for you. Focus on using the activity which has given you the best results for driving traffic to your website. 
Don’t forget that it’seeze Colchester web design are experts at designing websites and are savvy at the best ways to increase your ranking by search engines. If you need our help, get in touch today. 
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