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Blogging for your business is almost becoming a necessity in our digital world and is a great way of marketing your brand.It offers a whole host of opportunities like driving traffic to your website and helping it to be ranked highly by search engines like Google. 
In a blog you can demonstrate your expertise about your niche industry, you can shine a spotlight on your products and services, support other businesses by inviting them as guest bloggers, open up a conversation with your prospective customers and show the face of your business. 
But before you get started, we recommend you to read the rest of this blog to learn about the 7 biggest blogging mistakes that first time business bloggers can make. 

1. Not having your blog as a section of your website 

When you create a blog for your business you don’t want to host it on a separate website, as you will miss out on the powerful effect it can have, like adding extra pages full of fresh content to your main website, helping it to be found more easily by Google. 
Also, if your blog is hosted on another website, you will need to add a link to it on your main website and this could divert visitors from learning about your fantastic products and services. 

2. Failing to make your blog user-friendly 

Using an accessible layout design for your blog, like the ones we have on our it’seeze websites, will make it easier for people to read, so they won’t get bored or confused and be tempted to click elsewhere. 
When people read your new blog, they want to be able to scan the images and quickly browse through the text to gather what they need to learn, but a cluttered or poor format may fail to retain your viewer’s attention. 

3. Making it too self-centred 

Marketers tell us that people buy from people, but your blog reader shouldn’t be overloaded with information all about you. 
You need to focus on what will interest your reader and not solely on what interests you, otherwise it will dissuade your customers from re-visiting your website. Concentrate on being informative, helpful and relevant. Ask yourself if people will want to read it or be entertained by it. 
Choose topics to write about linked to what you do or what you sell or new discoveries and news from your industry. 

4. Failing to proofread your blog 

One of the biggest mistakes new bloggers make is failing to proofread their copy. If your blog is sloppily written, with grammatical errors and poor punctuation, it will look unprofessional and reflect badly on your business. Use the spelling and grammar checking tools on your computer to check your content or ask a colleague or friend to read over it, before uploading it. 

5. Posting blogs sporadically 

If you write and post your blogs inconsistently, it is hard for them to gain momentum and attract regular readers. Blogging as often as possible is the key to having a successful blog and to help you remember to write them, why not create a blogging schedule and determine the topics that you will write about in advance. That way your readers will know when to expect your latest article. 

6. Not telling anyone about it 

You could write a blog that is a masterpiece, but no one will know about it if you fail to share it on your social media. 
Did you know that each section of your blog could be used as content for a separate post on your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Google My Business accounts? 
You could also have links to your blogs scattered throughout your website, to help them gain a following. 

7. Failing to analyse your data 

The beauty of having an it’seeze website is that they have inbuilt analytics tools that will tell you how many people visited a page and when. 
This is perfect to help you decide what to write about in the future. Just analyse your data on the number of visitors to see which topic is most popular. 
Get in touch with it’seeze Web Design Colchester if you’re looking for a professionally designed website with an easy to use blogging platform, our Max and Shop package. 
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