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Now the UK lockdown is easing and spring is here, so there is no better time to refresh your website and online presence. 
People often regain their motivation in spring, so after rejuvenating your home and workspace, why not channel your vigour into sprucing up your website and polish your digital profile? You won’t regret it. 
Here are it’seeze web consultants in Colchester’s recommendations to help you get your unique online marketing tool working well for your business success. 

Revamp your website design 

In the fast-moving world of web design, it’s more than probable that your website could do with a touch up or even a completely new design. Upgrading it will tell your prospects and customers that you mean business and are here to stay. 
If you’ve had your website for a while, it might be worth asking a professional website designer, like it’seeze websites consultants in Colchester to give your site a free review. We’ll recommend how to get your website working well in the current climate. 
If you are looking for easier ways to tweak your website, why not consider uploading some fresh images, your latest videos or using a different typeface. There are various ways to add the wow factor to your website (https://www.itseeze-colchester.co.uk/blog/7-winning-ways-to-add-the-wow-factor-to-your-website/) 

Brush up your blogs and content 

Search Engines are constantly checking to see if you’re showing your authority with wisely worded blogs and fresh copy on your website pages. 
If you fail to post fresh content on your website regularly, you may soon see it drop in its Google ranking. 
Writing blogs for your business are a great way to show your expertise, promote your business, engage your customers. Our blog on how to market to different audience online (https://itseeze.com/blog/how-to-market-to-different-audiences-online/) may inspire you. 
Don’t make blogging mistakes that business bloggers make (https://www.itseeze-colchester.co.uk/blog/the-7-biggest-blogging-mistakes-that-business-bloggers-make/) check out your competitors blogs and other business blogs to gain an insight on how to write alluring content. 

Spring clean your copy 

Now you are on your spring-cleaning mission, it is always good to check your written content to look out for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and typing mishaps which may give your website an unprofessional impression. 
You can always make sure that you optimise your copy for search engines and use key words in your metadata by reading our blog on all you need to know about SEO (https://www.itseeze-colchester.co.uk/blog/all-you-need-to-know-about-seo/). 
It might also be worth considering having your content rewritten by a professional copywriter. 

Out with the old, in with the new 

If you have had a change of staff recently it’s time to reflect this on your website by updating your company’s ‘About Us’ or “Team” page. Upload new headshots and details about current employees and take away any references to former employees. 
When you are freshening up your website, updating your facts and figures is essential. Also don’t forget to get rid of out-of-date offers, promotions or events which are long gone. 
You may need to change information on your website about services or products which you no longer offer. 

Take your visitor’s journey 

A good way of checking that everything is in order on your website is to check out your user’s experience. 
Click links to ensure they are working and take you to the pages or website you want them to take your visitor to. Also check how quickly your pages are loading, as you don’t want your users to get frustrated and visit your competitor’s website instead, do you? 
Ensuring that your website looks good and is easy to navigate on all screens will also help you to boost your chances of converting visitors into customers. 
After following our check list, if you feel your website is not up to scratch and think you need a complete website overhaul, our consultants at it’seeze are here to help you. 
We are website tech-savvy and are experts at designing sleek, professional, cost-effective websites that load quickly, to help your business be streets ahead of your competitor. Just contact us today  
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