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I had an interesting conversation last week when reviewing a prospective client's old website with them, and looking at their website in both portrait and landscape views on phones and tablets. It became obvious that while their old website worked well in a portrait view, this was not the case when it was viewed in landscape on a mobile phone or tablet. 
Personally, I generally view websites in portrait mode on a phone and if I’m watching a video I will flip it to landscape (for a bigger screen), however, on a tablet I may be more inclined to switch a website to landscape just because it gives me more screen. 
So I started looking around at how people view the web, websites, video and social media on tablets and phones and it became very clear that everyone is different - reinforcing the point that just being “mobile friendly” is not simply a case of ticking a box, it’s more about “how mobile friendly” your website is. 
The other thing to consider is what do you want people to do once they have landed on your website on any screen size or shape? It might be super easy for people to navigate around your website when in portrait mode on a phone, but when it’s flipped and viewed landscape you may lose vital functionality. 
If you are asking people to view products and make a payment, then it’s really important to make sure this transaction can be completed easily and quickly on any screen from any angle otherwise you may lose the opportunity. This is the same for call to actions like forms and direct email or telephone buttons. 
I would suggest that when you next review you website with your web designer (we recommend every two – three months) you take some time to view and navigate around your website on as many devices as possible, try to make a purchase or find the telephone number or fill in a form on a tablet and phone in both portrait and landscape mode. 
Of course, if you would like some more information or assistance with any of the ideas, please do not hesitate to contact us directly on Colchester: 01206 512093 or request a call back here. 
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