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We loved working on this newly designed contact page recently for Prospector in Clacton-on-Sea. It got us thinking about Contact Us pages and the time that website owners spend on them. We have put together some pointers, so that whether you are designing a new website or you want to review your existing page, you can really think about tailoring your contact page and making it as successful as possible. 
We want people to use our Contact Page to get in touch and we want to be able to preempt any questions. Your contact page is a valuable part of your website and just like your home page it can rank highly on search engines such as Google. We all want to avoid a potential client coming across a competitor's website, because they had to search to find something on ours. 
From an administrative point of view, if you require information from a website user upfront, before you can answer their question, then ask for it. You can create a form on your website where people can even upload pictures. So if you are a carpet cleaner and you want a picture of the flooring now, to assess the cost, asking for this upfront cuts down on everyone's time sending emails. If your company has different contact points for different services, then state that on your website. First contact resolution is very important to clients and to your business costs, so get them to the right place where someone can help them. A visual aid like a map, can help to reiterate that you are a local business. Many customers want to make sure that they are at the right place and dealing with a local firm, so again, dont' make them search for it. 
Do not be afraid to add to your contact page as it can be more than just an email address and phone number. If you offer your services in specific areas or are happy to travel then do let people know. You can also sell on your contact page, add special offers and/provide useful links if appropriate. 
Putting all forms of contact on your page is advisable as some people will prefer to pick up the phone, while others will be happy to fill out a form and wait to hear back from you. Your wording is worth considering as much as your other pages, as your content here still plays a key role with SEO, as much as anywhere else on your website. Depending on the type of business and your clients, you want to ensure that someone knows how to reach you and feels welcomed or inspired to do so. 
Finally, it it great to let people know that you have their message and that they can expect to hear back from you within a certain time period. That way they may refrain from contacting another company as they know for sure that you will be in touch. So as well as all the usual no brainers, like making your website mobile friendly and having a modern stand out design, try to review your contact page through the eyes of your clients and visitors and see if there are any changes needed. 
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