According to Smart Insights, in their video marketing statistics, "People will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021". It is one thing knowing this startling fact but it is another weaving videos into your website and marketing strategy, if you have little experience of creating video content. Here are our ideas and tips for you to embark or expand upon working with video and using it as a tool to market your business. 
Video content can be used to connect with your audience, increase engagement and to grow the reach of your brand. Here are our top ideas on videos that may whet the appetite of your audience or put you on the radar of potential new clients and followers. 
Meet The Maker  
Also known as 'behind the scenes', videos, this type of content focuses on the business owner and/or their premises, whether it be a studio, workshop, factory or home office. This is someone talking about what the business means to them and how they operate.  
It is great to include key values, such as ethical and sustainability criteria that small and medium sized businesses can often meet where larger operations may struggle. Many business owners may feel that their presentation or work space is not presentable and polished for the big (or small) screen. In fact, showing the real work environment is a selling point for you and the brand as people may be looking for a local supplier, for example and want to get in touch because you are 'real' and approachable. 
Takeaway: Fun and easy to make. Great way to get people to connect with your brand. 
Where in the past we may have attended a seminar, a conference or a meeting, now we sign up for webinars. Live stream has become an insanely popular way of running events, where you share information about your industry or your products/services.  
Plan the time and try to include some audience participation, such as a Q&A. You could include a presentation or a work along document. Aim to keep people engaged as if it is just someone talking, some of the audience will continue to work and do other things while on the webinar. 
Takeaway: Make easy connections and spread the word with a well thought out webinar. 
Using video to conduct interviews is popular and timeless. You could interview a client for a case study or one of your partners or contacts who are prominent in your industry. The video also provides you with a transcript, which you can use on your blog and on social media, so you can get a good deal of material from the content. 
Takeaway: Keep it professional, even if you know the person who you are interviewing well. The tone of the video should match that of your brand. 
'How To' Videos 
If you look on Google and ask how to do something, you will be presented with an array of videos, which people have recorded to help in answering the question. It is safe to say that most of us would watch a video, if given the option, as opposed to reading up on how to do something. You can see what already exists online and what other questions people ask about your industry. 
Takeaway: Do you research and record videos to fulfill the popular questions as well as where there are any gaps. 
Product Videos 
Real videos showing how your products and services work, along with the benefits that come from using them are popular. Giving consumers confidence, before they take the plunge is a great strategy and will also encourage viewers to share your videos with friends or family, by way of recommending you. 
Takeaway: Do a run through if doing product demos as you want that part of the video to be smooth and polished. 
Client Videos 
Client selfie's have evolved into videos being sent in by your customers showing them enjoying your products or services. This type of content is gold, if you have permission to share it. Why not take it one step further and ask for videos? You will have to work for this kind of content and not everyone will do it, however a proportion will for a decent incentive. 
Takeaway: think about incentives for content that you can share. 
Remember to share your videos far and wide and rotate them on your website. You could create new pages to help to catagorise your videos and use them to help to drive more traffic to your website.  
Being able to embed video within your website is super important and here at it'seeze we recognise this trend and encourage our clients to embrace it. 
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