We are well into January now and are busy with consultations for our digital marketing services! Everyone is feeling fresh and wanting to get out there and strive for those 2022 business goals. 
We wanted to give you our take on what we think will be popular this year in terms of marketing. While traditional methods still work and are favoured by some businesses, we always suggest branching out and building new channels and platforms to connect with potential clients. If you would like to talk about your marketing plan or you do not have one, then we can help. Get booked in here
Quick Videos 
Video and the likes of Tik Tok and Instagram Reels have changed the landscape from what used to be edited masterpieces to short, seemingly off the cuff snippets. Cheap and easy, we expect that these will continue this year as ways to connect with audiences. 
Voice Search 
Not a new trend but one that has grown over the last few years and certainly something to be mindful of. We really like Tech Funnel's article covering the voice search function, what it is, who uses it and how you can be ready to appear in search results. 
Entering the Metaverse 
Many will know about the Facebook name change and about virtual reality gaming but the speed that interaction is changing really is shaping a parallel world, where some of us will be doing business. This Time article really highlights the growth and scope of a virtual reality world that sits alongside our lives and is set to evolve how we talk, interact and view each other. 
Podcasts are hugely popular and it feels like everyone who is well known has one. There will be a place for a podcast in some marketing strategies. There is of course a cost attached to committing to productions such as these. To start with, why not dip your toe in and find a podcast where you or someone from your organisation could be a suitable guest? 
Exclusive Membership 
The days of loyalty cards are fading, people leave home with a watch, a phone to pay for goods and services! Memberships are in and the more exclusive the better. A great way to talk to an engaged audience and a trend set to continue we think. 
Digital Storytelling  
Done well, you tell people why they would benefit from your product or service in a way that weaves a relationship in with the viewer by telling a story. This example from Apple gives us a moment in which we feel that we have all been there without saying, 'Buy an iphone!'. We expect more from big brands as we have seen over recent years but for more companies to strive to market in this way too. 
What Is Your Story? 
Whether you have a 2022 marketing strategy or not, we can help. Why not book a review in the first instance, so that we can learn more about your business? 
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