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Many articles tell you about the tools available to you, in order for you to better market your business. You could find most of the information out by going on the website for that company and reading the blurb. I want to tell you about some of the tools that we use here at it'seeze Colchester, why we use them, and what we like about them. As usual, contact us for any help or advice. 
Firstly, it is fair to say that we get a great proportion of our business from recommendations, which is amazing and exactly where we want to be. When we went on to Instagram we found that there was a benefit to posting different content on different platforms, and in fact there still is. However, we are an SME and like most of the clients that we serve, it is not always possible to do everything that you want to do.  
Hootsuite enables us to post content to all of our social media platforms at the same time. It also lets us schedule posts and plan ahead. You can try it (on a very limited basis for free) to dip your toe in. We do still sometimes create different posts for different platforms, say for example a condensed version due to the Twitter word count. We do have alternative systems to try out and sometimes Hootsuite is a little clunky. You have to take care when editing and make sure that where you are posting is still in place, but taking everything into account our team has benefitted from this tool as has our social media presence. 
Google Analytics is well known to some but not all. It's a free service provided by Google to help you track your website's performance. You can see who has visited, track the success of your online marketing, and make decisions based on the data. What we like is that you have an overview, which sometimes is enough or you can dig down into the data to break it down and go into minute detail. We particularly like the Audience and Real-Time data and as we work primarily with Essex and Suffolk businesses we are interested in maintaining our reach in these regions. 
Working with outstanding designers here at it'seeze, we have some fantastic tools at our fingertips and are able to create graphics. We have occasionally used Canva for something quick that we need to produce. You can upload your logo, a photo, or use one of theirs. There are templates for the social media platform that you want to post on. The free version still allows you to save decent content and the modular set up means it is easy to see what is available whether on the free or paid package. We like that you can upload your logo and for a small business Canva can help you to start posting tidy and uniform content. 
It is really important to stay in touch with your clients, especially at the moment. Mailchimp is an email marketing tool that lets you send professional branded emails to your client base or prospects. There is a free version or you can pick a plan to suit your needs. We like that you can see if an email has bounced, who has opened the email and then we can take further action from there. 
Whatever your website and marketing needs, we are always happy to chat and arrange a free consultation - 01206 512093 
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