It's super important to make sure that all page headings and descriptions on every visible page of your website are unique, relevant and contain strong key words to help you get found locally. 
It's very common that website designers will either enter a heading and description for the home page and forget about the rest of the website or duplicate the same heading and description across the whole website. 
Luckily the it'seeze website editor allows clients to review the headings and descriptions for every page in one place within the editor making it easy to see where improvements and corrections need to be made.  
Although every it'seeze website is initially designed with each page containing a unique heading and description it's always worth tweaking this information from time to time. Here at it'seeze Colchester we would suggest a review every 6 months to make sure new pages contain the correct information. 
If you trade locally it's also good to mention your nearest town as this will help with local visibility as well as telling people where you are based. 

Here is an example of our own websites home page headings and descriptions: 

And here is a very useful video that shows it'seeze clients how to access their own list of page headings and descriptions: 

Of course if you need any help with meta-data on your own it'seeze website please contact us directly or mention it when we make our next follow up call to you. 
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