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Whether you’ve had your website for a while or have a brand-new business website designed by It’seeze Web Design Colchester, you will want it to be ranked highly in search result engine pages so people can find it easily. 
The more easily your website is found, the more visitors you are likely to attract, which will in turn convert into more sales. 
There are various things you can do to improve your chances of being listed highly by search engines and as expert in this field, it’seeze Web Design Colchester is happy to share some of our know-how. Especially as our own websites are ranked on the first page of Google for our industry. 

How search engines work 

Search engines like Google, use robots, also known as web crawlers, to regularly check your website for fresh, informative content in order to index pages. 

Improving your SEO 

One of the important things to do to improve your SEO ranking is to regularly and consistently post fresh content to help drive traffic to your website. The content can be anything educational or enlightening that you post online, for example, blogs, guidelines, top tips, videos, quizzes, or infographics. 
In order for the content to be classed as relevant and significant by a search engine like Google, it needs to be in the form of a fresh page, not just a small update of your content. For more advice on this topic, check out our blog on all you need to know about SEO 

Use keywords 

We highly recommend having a blog on your website as you can boost your SEO by optimising your website targeting keywords connected with your niche or industry. The more frequently you publish a fresh blog, the more keywords you can use and the more likely they are to appear in searches. 
Aim to show your authority 
If you publish regular fresh content connected with your industry, you are more likely to be considered an expert in your industry by search engines. Likewise, the more blogs with quality content that you post, the more likely Google will recommend your website when people search for experts relevant to your industry. 

Build backlinks to your website 

Every time you post a blog on a new page on your website you create a new unique URL which helps to grow your website. If you share a link to another blog on your website, it helps to not only create a backlink, but it also shares the traffic to that page, lengthening your users journey and improving your SEO. 
Devise a content strategy 
Planning your content in advance will help you to publish fresh content consistently. It will keep your subscribers hungry as you whet their appetite for what’s coming up and keep them keen to read your next relevant information. Building a regular returning audience is the ultimate aim, as they are more likely to buy from you again and again. 
For more top tips on this topic, check out our blog on the main methods to market your new website 
If you’re looking for a professionally designed website with an easy to use blogging platform like our Max and Shop package, get in touch with it’seeze Web Design Colchester. 
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