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Thanks to the COVID-19 global pandemic, people are changing their shopping habits, from where they buy, what they purchase, to when and how. It means it’s a great time to get your digital marketing and website working for you to attract the maximum number of potential customers. 
As a small business owner, you may be beginning to believe that small is beautiful and it can work to your advantage, as we’ve seen on the news many of the major brands have gone out of business. You don’t have to compete on big brand terms. Their weaknesses are your strengths. 
Here are some of the ways that your small business can compete with major brands online: 
Show Your Expertise 
Retail giants like Amazon may offer a wide selection of goods online, but they are not specialists and are not known as the go-to expert in your local area for a particular product or service. This is where your expertise can work to your advantage and you can demonstrate your niche knowledge through your posts on social media, through blog posts and a FAQ page on your website. These will help you to rank more highly than your competitor when someone searches on Google for products or services in your field. 
It may help you to compile a list of keywords linked to your business to help people find you more easily in searches and make sure to use these keywords in your content. Using keywords will also help you with SEO (search engine optimisation), so that your potential customers will be guided to your website, rather than a competitor’s in searches. 
In addition, we’d recommend you take advantage of the dedicated knowledge panel on Google My Business to help drive traffic to your website. 
You can also demonstrate your knowledge by providing top tips linked to your niche in social media posts, and in email marketing or newsletters. 
Build Your Reputation 
In a busy market, it’s important to build a good reputation and public image, providing evidence that your company can be trusted. Showing your company is trustworthy is easier for a local business, than for a large conglomerate. How many of us look at a review, before booking accommodation, for example? 
Encourage your customers to provide your business with a glowing review or testimonial online, as search engines use these to rank your business. Shoppers are more likely to cooperate with you when you provide personal customer service, than they would a faceless national brand. Ask for feedback in a survey, email or in person, as people buy from people, and it’s something larger companies struggle to do. Over time, you could dedicate a page on your website to positive reviews. 
Show You Care 
Providing shoppers with a great customer experience is vital in today’s world. Going the extra mile to show you appreciate your customer’s business, can make all the difference between a small business and a multinational company. 
Small business owners can demonstrate great customer care more easily than a larger brand by being more attentive to your customer’s needs. Where a large brand might opt for an auto-generated response, you can reply with a personal call or carefully considered message. 
You could also add that personal touch with gift wrapping, a delivery service, discounts for regular shopper or a good returns policy. 
As more people are shopping online, it’s important to have a digital shop window online. If you really want to set yourself apart from your competitors, why not consider our ecommerce website package. It will provide you and your customers with hassle-free convenience and improve their shopping experience. 
First impressions count, so having a clean and contemporary website designed by experts like ours at it’seeze, is another way of boosting your business. Large companies invest large budgets into their websites, so never opt for a DIY website that has been thrown together, if you seriously want to compete with them in your local area. 
Without paying a premium price, like the big brands do, it’seeze web design Colchester will create you a professionally designed and fully bespoke website, packed full of great features tailored specially to showcase your products and services in the best way possible. 
While we’re at it, why not get in touch and give us your feedback or a review online. It will help us to improve our services to you too! 

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