Not sure if you website is in need of a redesign? Here are the main things to ask yourself:  
Does your website design look outdated? If it's more than 2 years old, then answer is probably "yes". 
Is your website mobile friendly? Have a look on a mobile phone - can you easily read all the text? 
Has you website conversions/sales decreased lately? 
Have you made lots of edits to your website and it no longer looks as professionally designed as it once did? 
Have there been complaints from people about their experience on your website?  
If you answer yes to any of these questions, then it's time for website redesign. As a general rule of thumb, we find most websites aged between 2-3 years require a redesign as design, technology and trends change. Companies can also change their branding and/or business direction in this time and their website needs to reflect this.  
The good news it that it'seeze make it super easy for both new and existing clients to get their websites redesigned without having to go through the whole design process again.  
Our clever design team take the existing website content, logo and colour palette and create a new improved version website that will look modern in terms of it's design and be easy to view and navigate on any device - even the smallest of screens. 
We also purchase new images (if required) check and re-position call to actions, review and fix any broken links and transfer the page headings and descriptions across to ensure a seamless transfer. 
You can see how we've transformed the design of some websites (many of which were not originally created by it'seeze) by clicking here.  
Interested in having your website redesigned? Contact us on Colchester: 01206 512093 to arrange a free consultation to see how we can help improve your website to generate your more business. 
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