I get asked this question every single day and although there are many things that can be done to help your website rank better the number one answer is still the same... 
Publishing relevant, quality content is still the most effective driver for good search engine rankings and there's no substitute. 
Most website designers are very happy to design you an all singing all dancing website with all the whistles and bells, call to actions, forms, social links, mobile ready capabilities, fading images, live chat, etc etc etc but if your shiny new website is not regularly updated with quality, unique, relevant content then it's gonna get ignored. Sorry! 
This is exactly why you see this blog page being updated every week! Check out the history! Google "Website Design Colchester" we don't pay to be on page one, it's done through hard work and regularly updating our website. 
If your website designer's website is not ranking organically on page one then I would ask them why? If they cannot get their own website on page one for Website Design Colchester then how are they supposed to get your website on page one for your most important search terms??? 
So in order to get better ranking / SEO for your website you will need easy access to your website's CMS (Content Management System) so you can log in, update and post very quickly right? 
This is where the it'seeze CMS comes in, it's always been designed specifically with business owners in mind, business owners who may not have a degree in Computer Science or be a Wordpress wizz! 
If you are looking to take back control of your website content, but you also require some local, reliable support just in case you get stuck then give us a call, we are so proud of our CMS it's a pleasure to demonstrate it! 
You view our short introduction video click here... or call us directly on: 01206 512 093 to arrange a no obligation demonstration.  
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