At it'seeze Colchester, we collaborate with many local SMEs and we strive to understand each and every business. We believe that is the starting point for creating a beautiful, bespoke and functional website.  
Using what we know, we are focussing in on some of our industry sectors to help you. If you are starting your journey as a new business owner or looking for an improved web presence then this is aimed at you. 
Whether you are a Physiotherapist, an Osteopath, a Pilates Instructor, a Sports Massage Therapist or in a different health or medical role, your website is the face of your business and your shop front, and as such it is important that it speaks to the people that you are looking to serve. 
At it'seeze Colchester we take a very thorough design brief and then our design team create the website for us. Therefore we will ask lots of questions and make suggestions too. Many people looking for treatments, may not have used a practitioner or attended a class before, so it is important to explain what your services are.  
Colchester Physiotherapy have dedicated pages to their Services and an informative page about different types of Sports Injury. This gives visitors to the website the reassurance that the practice are experienced and capable, and manages their expectations about the treatment if they book an appointment. 
Next we would advise you to have a bio of some sort, along with photos of you and your team (if you have one). While you only have to look at our Portfolio to see that web design is image heavy and that good professional/stock images are required to make your website stand out from the crowd, your industry is based on trust and reputation and there is no better way to start than to show who you are.  
Dedham Osteopathy have a detailed Meet The Team page, including the individuals' qualifications and specialisms. Flow Studio Pilates who are based in East Bergholt, really show the beauty of their space by using their own photos and we really love the icons depicting some of the movements, along the bottom of the home page. The beauty of choosing a bespoke web designer like us is that you can have whatever you want! 
So potential clients can see who you are and what you offer, but will they click to book or contact you? You need to persuade them, so how? We really like case studies and would discuss the possibility of having these on your website, if you can. Testimonials are another way of giving people a window into your world of care and expertise. Even though we work with you to make sure that everything else on your website is perfect, we would never correct spelling/grammar in a testimonial, as it needs to be authentic and as your client has written it. Bodyworks Physiotherapy Clinic have client testimonials and comments from Consultants who have worked with them. 
Knowing your audience as you do, it is important to get across not only your services but also your website should be fielding questions for you. An FAQs page (like Jackie Parry Physiotherapy & Pilates) can stop you being inundated with the same query over and over. You can include videos to demonstrate a stretch to help with an ailment, or to give someone a free taster of your yoga class.  
The more unique content that you can get onto your website, the better your ranking on Google will be. Blogging is invaluable in helping your website move up the rankings on Google and nudge ahead of the competition. We suggest to all of our clients that they blog at least once per month as this is unique content, which Google loves. Don't forget to publish your prices and the insurance companies that you work with, again think about what people are looking for when on your website rather than solely what you want to put on there. 
We hope that wherever you are in your business journey, this article has given you some ideas to help your website stand out from the crowd. Please Contact Us for help or advice, we would be pleased to hear from you. 
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