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Fake reviews and subscription traps are just part of an overhaul proposed by the government to help consumers and small businesses.  
According the the BBC, Paul Scully who is minister for small businesses said that consumers deserved better and the majority of business doing the "right thing" deserved "protection from rogue traders undermining them". 
We are pleased to see that these proposals have been made and we always advocate fair and ethical trading for ourselves and for our digital marketing clients. Here are our top tips on asking for and publishing reviews from your clients. 
It is OK to ask more than once. People are busy and especially if they are a longstanding client, there is nothing wrong with mentioning to them that a review would be much appreciated, if they can spare the time and they have not left you one before 
It is OK if someone does not leave a 5 star review. Shocking you may think, however we all do things differently. A four star review may be the most that someone ever gives and if their words are complimentary then that is the most important thing. Clearly, if you are getting poor reviews, then you need to work on what element is going wrong and quickly. But if you have the odd review that is below par, the others will stand out as consumers are realistic. 
Please do not correct spelling and grammar when publishing reviews. They are real and should not be edited in any way. Mistakes, actually highlight that the reviews are genuine and it is all about the content and the message. 
Digital marketing should always lead back to your website and whether you choose to present some reviews on a Testimonials page or to have a widget on your website showing Google or Trustpilot reviews, it is important to give consumers a real sense of how they will benefit from your product or service. Customers will always look for a website, no matter the size of the investment. It is so important not to miss out on this slice of the market, if you are relying on a Facebook page, for example. 
If you would like to see some creative ways of presenting your reviews, then our portfolio is a great place to start. We can also show you some examples within your own industry, you can book a video or in person meeting here
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