If editing an It’seeze website is like driving a car then editing a Wordpress website is like flying a helicopter! I’ve done all four and yes flying helicopters should most definitely be left to the experts! 
If you need to control your website content and don’t have a pilots licence then It’seeze is the perfect solution. I meet many SMEs who have Wordpress based websites and 90% of the time they are not able to easily update, amend and refresh their content without going back to their website designer. 
The secret’s in the name! The Itseeze CMS really is super easy to use! It’s been developed with the end user in mind! You can update from almost any computer (with an internet connection) and if on the off chance you do get stuck we’re on hand to assist. 
So if you're not a helicopter pilot but you do see the importance of controlling your own website give us a call, we are very happy to demonstrate our unique solution. 
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