We think so. Email marketing, if done correctly, can become a really valuable part of your company's marketing strategy for a number of reasons. 
Firstly, e-marketing is an economical way to connect with your existing clients by providing updates on your company, new product information, testimonials, and useful insights that help your customers get the most from the services you provide. 
Secondly, it’s a great way of contacting prospective clients with an introduction to your business and services, allowing you to build brand awareness and your company profile. 
You can also create links back to your website, providing viewers with more information or allowing them to make an enquiry or purchase. 
Email Marketing - Is It worth It for SMEs?
Most e-marketing platforms also give you lots of great statistics that show you who has opened your email, who has clicked a specific link, and who has decided to unsubscribe from your list. 
We would suggest that you don’t overuse email marketing as it can have a negative effect if you decide to bombard people with emails every day, and you should also be aware of the recent changes to data privacy laws through GDPR before you purchase any lists of data records. 
Email design is also very important, don’t overdo it on the text (break it up with paragraphs) and make sure you always use good quality images. Your logo needs to be prominent and make sure you use your company colour palette for marketing consistency. 
Remember that your email will be viewed on many different screen sizes, from mobiles to TV screens, so it’s important to check and test before you send the final email. As well as this, it’s worth thinking about when you are going to send your email - for example, first thing on a Monday morning might not be the best time as people are busy. 
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