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Yes we most certainly do! Like any technology, websites date, as design trends evolve and change. 
We offer a full website redesign service to our existing clients for a fraction of the cost that they would pay elsewhere for a brand new website. What is more, as we keep in touch with all of our clients every 2/3 months, we are able to advise them when it might be time for a redesign. Our Before and After Gallery shows you the transformation for some of our redesigned websites. 
Why Might You Consider a Redesign? 
Is your website responsive? If not then a redesign will include an upgrade to a responsive website, which adjusts to all screen sizes. It is essential for your customers that your website is mobile friendly. It is also favourable to your website's ranking on search engines like Google. 
Do you have screen wide sharp images on your website? If you website is heavily bordered then it may be time for a rethink. In recent years the trend for web design has moved to screen wide, full width sections and images. Therefore any borders are now showing their age. 
Have you had a website redesign in the last 2-3 years? Website designers advise that most websites need a redesign every 2-3 years. It its similar to a mobile phone in that newer models are released and we tend to invest in a new phone with better looks and features fairly regularly. 
Your website is a shop front window to your business. Therefore, as you would clean and maintain a physical shop front to make an excellent first impression, you should also do the same in relation to your online presence. 
Does your website provide an excellent user experience? Google currently and continues to give brownie points to websites that are easy for users to navigate and that give a great page experience. This can include new and unique content so be sure to ask us for a Blog page when you redesign, if you do not have one already. 
Do your competitors websites look more appealing that yours? This can be the case if your website is more that a few years old, it is going to look dated and stale compared to the crowd. 
Not An it'seeze Client and Need A Redesign? 
We can still help you! As a leading Colchester web designer, we redesign websites all the time. It is simple and if you already have your content on another website, we can have a free consultation to put together a brief and we can get to work on a new bespoke website that will work hard for your business. There are no templates in sight and it really is a case of getting what you pay for. Our prices can be viewed here and please check out our portfolio, which you can filter by industry.  
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