Web Designers’ Favourite Essex
This week’s favourite website was created for Pelion Astrology, 
Pelion is the business of Robert Freese, a psychological astrologer who offers a variety of services, including natal horoscope readings and astrological consultations, either in person or over the phone. There was no existing website for the business, and so a modern and engaging online presence was required in order to attract new customers and reach anyone with an interest in astrology. 
As the service that Robert offers is so personal, there was not a lot of information that needed including on each page, meaning that more focus could be given to images throughout the site. This has helped to give the Pelion website its wow factor, with colourful, dramatic, full-width images adding a sense of wonder and mysticism to every page. 
The written content is presented in easily digestible sections, with icons and colourful headings to break it up further. Different fonts are also used for the headings, mixing serif and script style typefaces for added intrigue. This ties in with the logo design, which features a mix of the two. Behind the logo is an animated zodiac wheel showing the different symbols in a constant loop, and this adds a unique finishing touch to the website’s astrological appearance. 
View the new website here www.pelion.ie 
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