Strong call-to-actions are persuasive and essentially talk people into doing something. People are busy and are often doing many things at one time. If you don't have a CTA on your website that is visible and clear, then you could be missing a trick. 
We recommend not only having an instruction but to look at whether you are motivating someone to take the action. So words that give the person a sense that they may miss out or that entice them to find out more, resonate well. Explore, Ask, Book, Register, Join Our Priority List and Call are all examples of language that could accompany your CTA. Continuing the theme of language, people can be persuaded to take action as they don't want to miss out. So for example, 'Join Now For Our Limited Time Offer'. 
If it is relevant to your business and industry, it can be worth thinking about whether you can offer something to people in return for them joining your mailing list or registering their interest in your service. Free guides are popular and people can feel compelled to act, as they want to see what is in the download. 
CTAs can be as short or long as you like, as long as they are clear. Eye catching buttons like the one below can be successful. Leaving a blank space around your CTA helps it to catch the eye. 
We often get asked to add CTAs in the home page banner of our clients' websites. It is important to remember that without education about your services and therefore engagement these CTAs may not be in the best position. CTAs that are placed right after a synopsis of what you can offer, may reap more rewards. In case you were wondering you can absolutely have more than one CTA on a web page and if you have a lot of text then this would be advisable. 
Good luck working on your CTAs and remember to test them out. If you are an it'seeze client, then remember to check out our Support Centre for any questions that you may have. 
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