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Let’s face it lockdown round 3 has not been easy on most small/independent local businesses, unless you’re a multinational (who seem to be exempt). You may have seen a drop off in enquiries or new opportunities over the last 10 months, so we’ve put together a few ideas to help you to make sure that your website remains as effective as it possibly can be, ready for the big bounce back. 
As our clients will know, it’seeze websites are very editable and if you are adding pages and links it’s important to keep in mind how these changes will affect the user experience. For example, adding extra scroll and complicated navigation menus can cause visitors to abandon your website, particularly on mobiles. This will then affect your conversion rate. We would also encourage you to add internal links to your blog posts – if links are not included then this may cause a high bounce rate, which can be prevented by pointing visitors towards other pages on your site. 
It’s always worth reviewing your call-to-actions, make sure that you have a local telephone number at the top of your website that is clickable for mobile. We would also suggest an email address or link to a form, making it super easy for people to contact you. You will notice on big corporate websites they make it very difficult to find a telephone number or a form and we as small business owners need to avoid this strategy. 
Other website ideas include: 
Adding Live Chat to your websites - since adding the chatbot to our own website, we have seen a positive uplift in enquiries. it’seeze clients can integrate Tidio for free and here is how: www.youtube.com 
Adding Team Photos - people like to see who they're buying from, especially as a local business. We'd recommend adding a 'Meet the team' page and more photos of you and your team - these can be used in banners and throughout the content. Here is a great example: www.pieperformance.co.uk/about/team 
Creating Landing Pages - town-specific pages can increase your conversion rate by bringing more relevant traffic onto your website. it’seeze Colchester and Ipswich clients, please contact us if you'd like more information on how to add these pages. 
Reducing page speed - uploading a large image or video files to your website can cause pages to take longer to load, which can hurt conversion rates. Code from third-party widgets can also slow your website down. 
To increase your chances of new enquiries, your website first needs to be ranking well and bringing in relevant traffic - this can be achieved by consistently adding new, high-quality blog content to your website; creating targeted landing pages on your website; optimising your Google My Business profile; and posting links to your website on social media. Once your website is ranking highly and getting a good amount of visitors, you should start to see enquiries increase - if not, we recommend the actions above to increase conversion rates. 
We hope the above is useful. As always, if you've any concerns or suggestions regarding your it’seeze website, we are very happy to assist. Call us directly on 01206 512093 or email me directly at: Oliver.brock@itseeze.co.uk 
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