It’s a question I’m often asked during client meetings and this is how I answer! 
The itseeze website editor has a built-in statistics panel that makes it easy for you to track how well your site is performing and see how many page views you’re receiving, which pages people are visiting, etc. 
What it will not show you however is who exactly has visited your website, and I believe this is a good thing for two important reasons: 
1) Imagine I visited your website and took no action apart from having a look around and reading more about your company before clicking away for whatever reason. 
An hour later, I receive a call or email from you saying "hi there, we notice you were looking at our website" - I would think this was a little creepy! 
I think most people would feel the same and I would be put off ever visiting your website again. 
It’s much better to have a professionally designed website where the viewer voluntarily makes the first step in their own time via a well-placed call to action. 
This could be a ‘request a call back’ form, a ‘join our mailing list’ button, a like/share feature on social media, or a simple link to send an email or make a telephone call. 
2) Secondly, although it’s possible to track an IP address and find a company name and location, it’s really difficult to locate an individual within the building, so pinpointing exactly who visited your website is not so easy. 
With shared workspaces and different people logging on to the same workstation, it makes it even more hit and miss to find the specific person. 
An example of re-marketing 
In my experience, a much better way of reconnecting with people who have visited your website but have taken no further action is to re-market! 
This involves placing a reminder - a small advert - on other websites that allow this feature so the viewer will be reminded that they have spent time on your website, giving them the opportunity to re-engage when they are ready. 
We see this a lot in the ecommerce world – for example, when you search for a new pair of running trainers, you will start to see offers and adverts for running trainers wherever you go! I think this strategy can work well across all sectors, not just ecommerce. 
Now you’ve visited our website, look out for our re-marketing advert on your travels... 
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