how to write emails for your clients to read them
A whopping 40% of consumers have at least 50 unread emails in their inbox, according to marketing statistics! We want to guide you through ways to avoid your emails being in the list that are not seen, as email is still an effective marketing tool, if used properly. 
How to catch the eye when writing email subject lines... 
Your subject line is your opening gambit, so make it catchy! Many of us focus on the body of the email and actually add the subject line as an afterthought or when the computer prompts us. When sending marketing and communication emails to your audience, you need to take some time to create a subject line that people are going to see and that leads them to open the email. There are ways to do this, which will engage more people. 
Creating transparency about what is in your email is always a great idea. You want the right consumers to click on your email, so if they were interested in your product or service anyway, then tell them upfront about your amazing offer, so that they can pounce. We all know that feeling when something that we were going to buy anyway, goes on sale! To go hand in hand with the sense of excitement that, buyers are making a saving, you can think about creating a sense of urgency too. This means that people are more likely to act quicker and not get distracted with other tasks and let the offer pass them by. 
A different approach, while still being catchy is to create curiosity so that people open your email. You can track different strategies, of course and be careful not to make the headline too mysterious or vague as you do not want to end up in the junk box. Remember that people have signed up to your newsletter and updates as they want to be informed. Therefore, keep communication current, trendy and relevant to the current time period. It is very off putting to see seasonal strap lines at the wrong time of year and again does not fill the consumer with the need to open your email. 
No reply email addresses are a big no no in our book. A named email address is always a winner, as people like to deal with people. You are less likely to be overlooked and you are also creating a sense of familiarity around your brand. As with all aspects of digital marketing, timing is everything. So, think about your industry and when people need to see your message for it to be as impactful as possible. 
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