With the world of SEO and website design changing and evolving at lightning speed, it’s super important that we keep up to speed with the latest updates, trends and future developments in the industry. 
So when we were invited to attend a one day workshop in Maidenhead it seemed like the perfect opportunity to catch up on all things www, network with other members of the it’seeze family and of course pick our technical teams brains for a few hours. 
We can all see how website design has changed over the last few years but taking a more detailed look at how Google (and the other search engines) find, index and list our websites is an ever moving goal post. 
Following the days training and thinking about how to apply what I have learned to help our clients (mainly local SME’s) I have put together some points to consider and adopt for better online visibility and SEO results in 2018. 
Content is still king: (I know I keep banging on about this) Google is crawling and indexing the www faster and more efficiently than ever and if it sees fresh, relevant, unique content on your website it’s a big bold tick! 
Links: it’s not always possible for small business owners to invest in expensive link building campaigns but the good news is that it’s possible to link build for free and link building is very important to help build activity around your website. 
Review and update your profile on local directories, make sure your address and contact details are correct, you have a unique company introduction and of course the link that goes back to your website works correctly. 
Link build with other local business partners, if they are trading in your area of business and may be useful to your clients, then great but even if they are just local then it’s still a positive link. 
Social activity: Facebook Twitter, Linkedin, etc all play a positive part in helping with SEO and increasing brand awareness locally, the best part is that they are all free so its just a little time and effort that’s needed. These platforms now allow advertising that can be easy to setup and manage with minimal cost. 
FAQ’s: Google was created to answer questions so it makes sense to add an FAQ’s page to your website. As a business owner you will be familiar with the type of questions you are asked on a daily basis - so take some time to list these, then answer the questions, remember its all good, unique content, you may want to link to further parts of your website, external sites or even use video to explain your answer. 
Get Blogging: Again, another great opportunity to tell the world what you are up to and an opportunity to add fresh content. I would recommend an embedded blog (within your website) as it’s going to give a far better result than an external blog. 
Include video where possible, links to other relevant articles / website and pages within your own website. One thing to be aware of is that if you start a blog and then forget about it, it won’t look good so be consistent and regular. 
Going mobile: As we all know the Google mobile update is becoming more and more important as the number of people now using phones and tablets to search the web is still increasing year on year. 
You need to make sure your website is as easy to use on a mobile as it is on a desktop and if it’s not this may have a negative effective on your future listings and SEO. 
Re Marketing: For small business owners Re Marketing can be an affordable, effective way of increasing brand awareness locally. If someone clicks on your website then goes away they will be presented with a reminder on other websites that allow advertising (your add), it’s a good way of putting your brand back in front of a potential client that doesn’t need to cost a fortune to setup and run. 
Video: It seems like the world has gone video mad these days and its great to see the medium being used in so many create ways. 
Just to update with a couple of points on video: If your 2-minute video is only viewed for 20- 30 seconds then it won’t have much of an impact on SEO but if it’s engaging and is viewed to the end or for a good amount of time then Google will pick up on this and it will help with your overall SEO. 
Personally I’m put off straight away if I see a video length is 3 minutes or more so be aware that you need to get your message across in a reasonable amount of time and keep people interested from the start. 
Finally: It’s important to regularly review your company website as things are ever changing if you would like some help with your website or a review please do not hesitate in contacting us directly on: 01206 512093 or click here to request your free digital audit here. 
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