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There can be nothing more frustrating when you are trying to build your brand than discovering your social media has failed to attract many followers. 
It’s important to spend time and/or money trying to build a strong social media profile on a variety of platforms, if you want to engage the attention of potential prospects and instil in them a desire to purchase from your website or store. 
Your website designer should have advised you why your business should be on social media why-your-business-should-be-on-social-media 
You may have sought expert advice, attended masterclasses or workshops and read numerous blogs to discover the best tactics to engage with viewers on your social media, with the ultimate aim of driving traffic to your website, but if you are seeing no return on your investment of time or money, it can be worrying. 
Building a strong online presence using LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok or Pinterest, (for example) can take time and you have a multitude of competitors vying for attention. 
There may be some factors you need to consider that influence someone on whether to follow you or not. Here are a few suggestions. 

1, You’ve failed to inform your regular customers 

If you already have an established store, blog or online business with repeat customers, you may have forgotten to inform them about your business pages on social media. 
Why not produce a flyer asking people to follow you on your various platforms and offer them incentives to share your posts e.g. a discount off their next purchase? You could also include your platform details on posters, receipts, stickers or emails. 

2, You’ve neglected to include your links 

The aim of the game is get as many eyes as possible to see your products and services and using social media as part of your marketing funnel is a valuable tool. If you have failed to include links to your social media on your website, blog or e-newsletters, you are missing a great opportunity, so do it now. 

3, Your posts are too salesy 

If you are a veteran in business you may be using “old school” marketing tactics and pushing your products and services too much and turning your audience off. The aim of social media is develop a relationship with your followers who want to hear more from you by providing items that are either entertaining, educational or engaging. 

4, Repetitive 

If you are churning out posts just for the sake of it and repeating yourself, your followers may have become disenchanted and decided to unfollow you. 
It is advisable to devise a competent social media strategy and plan what you are going to post in advance in order to keep your audience’s interest high by deciding what your ultimate goal will be. 
The content of your posts will vary according to what your desired aim is. It should be different if you are wanting your viewer to simply follow you on social media to the copy you would use to encourage your potential customers to click to on your offer, to arrive on a landing page on your website why-it’s-good-to-magnify-your-marketing-with-the-leverage-of-a-landing-page 

5, Your images are not of good quality 

First impressions count. Google rates using your own photographs, but if they are not of a high enough quality, they may look amateurish and unprofessional to your prospects. It may be worth investing in professional images or even a graphic designer. 

6, You are failing to interact 

Social media is all about being sociable, so responding to interaction from your audience is vital. If one of your followers leaves a comment and you don’t reply, it looks like you don’t appreciate their efforts. You could even go the extra mile and return their goodwill gesture by commenting on one of their posts. 

7, You post at the wrong time 

When you know who your ideal customer is, you will know which social media platforms they use and post accordingly. 
Different social media platforms have varying times for peak performance, according to when their users are online. For example, a businessman will look at his social media before, and after work or during his lunchbreak, while a mother-of-three might only get chance to look at her social media in the evening after her children have gone to bed. 
We hope you follow our advice given in these top tips and quickly boost your followers. 
If you need any advice on this, get in touch. Alternatively, we are happy to manage your social media for you. 
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