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As most businesses are operating online these days, it’s vital to let your customers know that they can trust you before they make their purchase. 
Your prospects need to feel confident that you say what you mean, that you’ve given an accurate description of what you are selling and trust that if they are unhappy with their purchase, their complaint will be taken seriously and you will address the situation. 
If your business is purely online, your customers can’t visit your high street store to see its window and check out the goods and staff inside. You have to earn the public’s trust and prove your credibility. But how do you do this? 
Here are it’seeze’s tips on how to gain the trust of visitors to your website so they come back to buy from you again and again. 

1. Let your customers connect with you 

Customers like to engage with real people so it’s important to introduce yourself on your website so they can connect with you as a person. 
We’d recommend you consider having an ‘About Us’ page as this will help to humanise your brand. It’s your ideal opportunity help them to relate to you by describing yourself, your vision that made you decide to launch your company and your passion for your products or services. 
People buy from people, so establishing yourself as being friendly and approachable will help them to build customer confidence and shed any distrust they may feel. 
You can go the extra mile by creating a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to address any concerns and answer any queries they may have. 
Small changes like these can help to create a good impression by making your brand more personable and less corporate. 

2. Gain reviews and testimonials 

You know yourself that when you are buying something online it is good to see what others say about a company before buying from them. If you gain reviews and testimonials from your previous customers, it acts as proof to your prospects that you are operating a respectable company and shows you keep any promises that you make on your website. 
One of the most effective ways to establish trust is to share reviews or testimonials from an established website like Trustpilot. You can also show off your reviews by sharing them on your social media or create a page dedicated to them on your website. 
When trying to build customer trust, it’s also important to respond quickly and professionally to any negative comments you may receive. If you handle such a situation graciously, and preferably by taking it offline, it will limit any potential damage to your reputation and will demonstrate that you really do care about your customers. 

3. Build trust by blogging 

Having a blog on your website is a great way of boosting your business while building trust with any potential clientele. 
Blogging consistently will help to drive traffic to your website as you will gain a reputation as a thought leader. It will help to optimise your site for content-hungry search engines like Google, who will rank your website more highly, making it more visible to prospects. 
You can create blogs to discuss subject matter relevant to your business, provide top tips, answer questions and show off your experience. It is recommended to write at least 300 words per blog, if not more. 
Blogging will help to demonstrate your expertise in your field and make your customers feel you are the go-to expert in your industry, increasing their desire to deal with your business. 

4. Have a well-designed website 

If you are providing a premium product or professional service, you need to ensure you have a high-quality website to give you credibility. 
Nothing will damage your reputation for having a trustworthy brand more than badly worded copy with mistakes or typos, blurry images, or a poorly designed website. 
When you deliver a professional service, your website ought to match. It needs to be well designed, quick to load on all devices and meet all GDPR requirements. 
Our expert designers are ready to help you increase your credibility, if you want one of our sleek, new, user-friendly and effective websites. Every website we design is unique and created to suit your brand and the needs of the company. 
Contact your local it’seeze consultant today! 
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